Road Trip to San Francisco

On the 23rd of last month, we went (drove!) to San Francisco, then to Sonoma, to see our nephew graduate from Sonoma State University. We had a really fun time. Henry Rollins gave the commencement address at the graduation; here he is in all his raging glory. The speech was actually quite subdued, for him, and motivating. And, it was absolutely FREEZING. Like..."I'm not sure I've ever been that cold" freezing. We were expecting 82 degrees, and it was in the low 50s - or so it felt. The minute they called Casey's name, I dashed for the car. Brrrrrrrrrr! I felt bad about leaving, but I was more concerned about losing toes from frost bite!

I took this picture in the city. I love the bustling streets in San Fran. People hurrying to get where they are going. Not hurrying like New Yorkers though...more laid back.

One afternoon, we drove across the bay bridge to Sausalito hunting a shop that Mary remembered. We ended up having a nice lunch, but didn't find the shop - and it didn't matter! We all just had fun being together: me, hubs, Mary, Ray. The typical mist was hanging over the bridge. I don't think I've ever seen it not foggy...

One of the highlights for me was the trip to Bell'Occhio. Mary and I spent close to 2 hours in the little shop. But, it is so rich with wonderful things that time just flies. The time I've spent at Bell'Occhio is some of my most treasured! It's like no place on earth.


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