Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kate + 1

Oh, the things we do on impulse. Last weekend we went to a barn sale out in Valley Center. At the door, hanging in a gold birdcage was a tiny grey kitten. I went into overdrive. Had to have it. Giving in to these types of impulses is rarely wise. And boy am I paying the price. So, Kate basically hisses at Gwyneth (yes, Gwyneth) whenever the little varmint comes near. It’s day 4 and we still have all our limbs. If anyone has any positive stories to share on how they will soon be sharing the same bed, etc., I’d love to hear! Meanwhile, the new little one is awful cute.


  1. Oh, I didn't realize this precious baby was yours!!! I can't wait to watch her grow. She looks like she is full of vim and vinegar!!!

  2. Time! It took lots of it for me to appreciate my sibling. Of course, he is again in the permanent doghouse but that story is for when we reunite and have a lot of vino! Hugs!
    P.S. I have one more handsome fellow I can send you - TK's getting shots tomorrow. He's still temporary kitty- my charity case for now!


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