Tuesday, September 07, 2010

What, No Smoothies?


So, for weeks or perhaps months I’ve driven by this sign on 5th Ave. that says All Green. I think after my green getaway, my mind continues to teem with thoughts of raw food, smoothies, wheatgrass juice, etc…so I’ve been drawn to investigate it. Today, while wheeling the Eldo (my Dad’s Eldorado which I still have and drive some days) on my way home from dropping off my new (old) Smith Corona Skywriter to be restored, I pull in to All Green. I parked and noticed a little table outside with an umbrella, but no one was sitting there. They almost didn’t look open. I almost didn’t park, but I ended up parking and walking up to the little window, which had bars on it. It started clicking about here.

“Hi. Um, what is this place?” I ask, with eyebrows knit.

White dude with a ‘fro hair-do answers, “This is a medicinal dispensary.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh. I thought it was a smoothie place,” I say, sort of cracking up.

Glassy-eyed dude responds, “Well, yeahhh, mental smoothies.”

I say, “Okay! No thanks! Bye!”

Guess I know now what All Green means.


  1. That is pretty damn funny! I can just picture you while this was going down!

  2. DUDE! Perfect choice of photos to highlight your post, my dear friend! Love it! So, do you actually need an Rx to get the goods, or is it OTC green?

  3. and all I would have thought when seeing the sign was "love and happiness! it'll make you come home early!...." etc. Because I am blind enough to have read "Al Green". Dude...wha?

  4. Soooo funny! I love sleepy Miss Katie up there. You crack me up, girlie!


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