Saylor, the Ayurvedic Labrador

IMG_4635 Weekend before last I took an Ayurvedic cooking class from the lovely Laura Plumb. She and her husband, Bhava, are the founders of Deep Yoga. I take yoga from Laura every week and she's so inspirational. As she teaches the class, she talks us through waves of breathing and movements, but that's just half of it. The "talk" she gives as she teaches is as beneficial to me as the class itself. And the music she plays is heavenly. By the time I am finished I am so blissed out that I just float home.  I can't say enough about her and her husband. Bhava also plays the guitar and sings during Laura's class sometimes. And he teaches his own awesome yoga class. One day I'd love to do their tour to India. India is not a country I'd try even with just one other person; I'd need the security of a tour guide that knows the country. Of course, I'd go with my friend Moni any day. Even though English is really the main language, I'd still like someone with a little Hindi under their belt.

So, here's the funny part of this Ayurvedic cooking business. A couple days after the class I tried one of the recipes: Kichari. I made it before I went to the Indian grocery to get all the right spices, so I kind of faked it. It was good, but we only ate it a couple times (I made a veritable ton). Since there was quite a bit left, I thought, gee, Saylor may like a cup mixed into her food. OMG! She loves it! Lately she's been airsy-fairsy about her food. So here I am tonight, at 10:23 p.m. making another monstrous batch because tomorrow's doggie breakfast would be really boring if it were just kibble, and not mixed with kichari! Ha! Here’s the girl, posted in the kitchen the entire time I was cooking, just staring at me with her darling face. Oh I love this little doggie...she's pure love. ♥

Cook that kichari, Mom.


  1. Saylorrrrrr! Only because I love you so much would I share my lassi with you...but I would, because I do!


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