Monday, December 05, 2011

Hypnosis and Cat Re-homing

I will stare at you with my green eyes and silver muzzlepouche until you do my bidding!
So, Mr. Black and White here below is currently in need of a home.
Our next door neighbor passed away a few weeks ago, and left Cosmo and his house to a friend. The friend, however, is allergic to Cosmo – we now learn. So, while it was Cosmo’s address first, he is now having to move. Funny how things work out. Fortunately, I can update this to say that it all worked out and the Cos' found new digs with a nice man who loves cats. Happy happy.

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  1. Gwynnie!!!!! Yes, I'll do your bidding, cute and crazy girl. And I feel sure your animal magic will find Mr. Cosmo a home.


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