Thursday, December 01, 2011

Playing Nice

Some may remember my period of angst when said kitten on the right first joined the family. At first, if seemed Kate (darling Tabby on left) might EAT Gwyneth. Then, Gwynnie grew. Now, little G. antagonizes poor Katie, stalking her on a whim. While Kate holds her own, it still bugs me that the little grey varmint wields such power. But here we have a moment of sisterly peace. Ooh! I see a bird! Oh! Me, too!
And here, close, but not too close.IMG_5784
And here, eating like two planes in runway formation.IMG_5706
‘Course, if Gwyneth gets too uppity, I’ll have to show everyone the picture of her in her pink vest. Oops, too late.


  1. Oh Gwyneth. How can you ever get over that awful pink tshirt?

    I'm so glad they've found a way to get along! My cats eat in a very similar manner, and I love watching them eat together!

    Happy Weekend!

  2. Aww, the girls are so cute...but Gwyneth just reminds me of a ferret in that pink vest for some reason. Kute Katz!


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