Monday, December 19, 2011

Williams-Sonoma Goes Vintage, and Mary’s House Gets Bear-y Cute

I was surprised to see that Williams Sonoma is offering vintage items. They had a table with some very nice, older culinary items. Each had a tag that says FOUND, and then a description complete with a wildly expensive price. Um, silver plate tray, $149? I think not. But it was lovely to look at. 
In other news, my belle mere has the most adorable things going on at her house. Can you say candy kitchen? Pardon the blurry photo; it’s on a window sill with light beaming in.
Oh, and the bears are cooking with pink oven mitts I might add:
Excuse me, I need to get over to the stove and grab one of these teensy utensils to stir the soup:
And then, once your tummy is full, it’s time for a Christmas bed time story!
Oh, and make sure both ovens are turned off before you turn in! This little scene sits on the window sill at the kitchen sink. This must make doing dishes much better, don’t you think?

The cast iron rabbit makes the sweetest ring holder:
The Joy of Cooking, in miniature…and yes, there are actual recipes in the book!


  1. Um, yes, I need to live in this house please.

  2. Oh, lordy, how absolutely darling is all of that? And where on earth did she find the mini Joy of Cooking? Too much cuteness!


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