Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A True Green House

I saw this today and thought: a green house that grows food, not orchids or some rare ornamental this or that. How smart! This is Lucy Marr. Her and her hubby are: Stephen and Lucy Marr - Hairdressers and Skincare Developers at their glass house - Auckland - Nov 21 2011
I love this idea…
One could certainly whip up quite the green drink from this little crop of goodies. And since it’s enclosed, no bug friends to disturb the leafy goodness. If you click the link, and scroll down a bit, you will see the green drink they make and the recipe. It sounds divine. Love love love.

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  1. That green drink does sound great--I love the addition of the dates. And the Selby has been one of my favorite sites forever...I can spend hours clicking around!


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