Monday, October 21, 2013

Kitchen progress


Is that the beginnings of a kitchen there? Why yes it is! The first phase of the install has happened! We’ve had no kitchen since August 7th, but here’s proof that doing dishes in the bathroom sink is coming to an end. There’s a slight hitch with the installer dude, but hoping to get that remedied soon.


That’s the old kitchen above. It has been sold back to the previous owner and he’s refinished it to a dark stain. I haven’t seen it, but I bet it will look great. It was very French, but really impractical and not very functional. It was actually a long sideboard that he repurposed into a kitchen. That’s why the cabinets were very high. Instead of being around waist high, they were ~3 inches taller than a normal counter. And can you say pink granite and green cabinets? I actually loved it for a while, but then I fell out of love.

Unfortunately, there’s no new gardening progress to show. While Gabriele is great with a shovel and clippers, his understanding of I’ll see you in two weeks fell a tad short. And of course my Spanish is muy mala. But this Saturday, it’s on.


I spied a Torrey Pine (or I think that’s what it is) this weekend. I want to plant one somewhere in the yard. I think they are so amazing the way you can bonzai them, tying various branches down low to direct the shape.


This candelabra was entangled in a mass of weeds in the back courtyard. A Mexican menora? You tell me.  I pulled it out, put some candles in this weekend, and lit it up. Interestingly, in the back courtyard at night, the candles burned fairly upright. There was no wind in there, just cool night air. I’m always digging up bits of metal, finials, chunks of marble, various and sundry items. It’s like excavating. The tiki, by the way, was found in the yard at our last house. (Also, strangely, the face that appears on the tiki here in this picture doesn’t really look like the actual face on the tiki. Hm? A haunted tiki, just in time for Halloween?)

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  1. Looks rather gothic, yes? Dracula's lair, perhaps? (Only if he's attractive, though...)


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