Monday, September 15, 2008

World's Biggest, Most Deelishous Popover

Last weekend I drove up to Costa Mesa to visit with my bud, Michele. We had a really fun day cruisin' through the stores at Fashion Island. We kicked it all off at the Neiman Marcus cafe, Mariposa. Their claim to fame is popovers which are delivered piping hot from the oven to your table as part of every meal. They come with this darling little pat of strawberry butter (which darn it, darn it, darn it didn't make it into the picture!) . Needless to say there was nothing left of either my popover or butter pat at the end of the meal. But, let's not get ahead of ourselves. They always start the meal with this cute little demitasse cup of warm chicken broth. Then you order, and then come the popovers. And then, you are in official popover heaven. Do I sound obsessed with the popovers? Um. I am.

We also ordered these yummy cocktails that were made with champagne, chambord liqueur, and pineapple juice. Dah-lishous.

This is a macro shot of the cavernousness of the popover. Okay, now even I think I have a problem. I'm guessing you already think I have one! HA!

After lunch we strolled through Neiman's and some of the things they had in their home section were incredible. Lalique buddah anyone?

Maybe a little Mackenzie-Childs? Perhaps just after robbing a bank, I could stop in and pick up a few pieces. Honestly, it's so ornate and colorful that I probably wouldn't ever own any. But there's something about it that is so pretty and feminine in a country, Victorian kind of way.

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  1. Wow sounds like a great day, I am sure you had lots of fun. I love the picture of the store, it is beautiful.


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