Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Little e. is Getting Married

My dear, sweet niece is getting hitched! I can hardly believe it is all happening, and so fast! I can't focus on it too hard or I'll cry (she is as close as I'll ever get to my own little girl!). It seems like just yesterday she was in high school, then just heading to Stetson, then to FSU (her Auntie's alma mater, I might add), and then to graduation. And, now, we're having wedding showers!? That's "e." standing in the center. Her devoted Mom hosted a great lingerie shower at BluSushi in Fort Myers! The wedding party girls showed up in a limo - tres chic - and then we all had sushi and opened presents in this neat little private room which was decorated with pink roses and feather boas and lots of fun table decor.

The next morning, Kimby, a long-time friend of Sheri's (Erin's Mom) hosted a wonderful household-gifts-themed shower. Her beautiful house was the perfect setting with plenty of places to sit, tons of great food and friends, and last but not least, a darling Labrador. This is Kimby and Winston.

Party favors: cookie mix with a tiny whisk attached with a pink ribbon. How cute! They thought of everything.

And then, when I - nor my camera - could take one more ounce of perfection either of my niece's flawless face and hair, Sheri's gorgeous dress, or Kimby's lovely home, I asked that everyone please, please, dear God, please, make a funny face for me! And they delivered! :-) That's Kimby's son in the center - he's getting ready to take his LSAT and follow in his father's footsteps! Hope he did great!

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