Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The 'About Me' Blog Challenge

A friend and fellow blogger over at Craft Lolly issued a blog challenge: that we put together a list of personal likes, dislikes, etc. - a "who am I?" list. So here goes:

- I am a total animal lover and wish all creatures of the earth could be free and happy all the time
- I love the mountains, especially during the beginning of fall when it's sweater weather but not snowing
- I hate being cold
- I will always love my cat Oreo forever into infinity
- I love spending time with my hubby doing nothing much
- I am a foodie
- I want to go to the birthplaces of my mother and father: Cologne, Germany and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
- I love antiques and vintage things
- I could go to estate sales and garage sales every weekend
- I love Florida beaches
- I am starting to be much more interested in History
- I love to go to yoga classes
- I crochet, but I don't knit
- I love to sleep - it's my vice
- I love Anthropologie
- I love good cheese
- I am a Scorpio
- I grew a 1/2" in the past couple years - so says the doctor
- I am an idealist, a romantic, and a dreamer
- I worry a lot about the less fortunate and the environment
- I miss my family, they have all passed on, and I still talk to them
- I am often too nice and sometimes it backfires
- I am a total francophile
- I'm a democrat (big surprise)
- I love my husband's family
- I am incredibly proud of my brother, Guy
- I have good business sense
- Okay, enough about me...

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  1. Oooooh I love it, and I am soooo thrilled that you did it. I think we would be great buddies because we have so much in common. I love it when people make their 'about me' lists, it really is fun to find out more about them. Thanks for doing it sweetie.


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