Monday, September 27, 2010


In various places around the house, I have pictures of my sweetest Oreo. There’s a painting over my desk (a gift from a friend),  a framed poem and picture hangs on the wall by my bed (a gift from another friend), his ashes in my night table, and a framed picture in the hall with the other family portraits. Isn’t it amazing the impact a dear pet has on our lives? How lasting? How deep? As time goes by, I make it a point to remember.


Found this snippet on a local veterinarian's site:

Our pets come to us as teachers from up above. They embody the power of unconditional love. They chose us individually with specific intention, manifesting heaven on earth with divine intervention. If given the opportunity their spirit will shine, to demonstrate the father/mother/God divine. They hold not the issues of worry or care. Those are the burdens that we choose to bear. Our pets absorb our negative thoughts and emotions. This they do with strong intent and devotion. Though their time with us seems brief when they part, it is all they needed to share their spirit and heart. Pets are guardian angels that incarnate on earth, sent to show us simply our true right of birth.  

Words by Dr. Tamara Hebbler


  1. What a beautiful piece of prose.

    What a beautiful picture of Oreo. I know you must miss him every day.
    Sometimes I look at my animals and worry that they are aging. Isn't it funny how I don't do that with the humans in my life?

  2. Such true words! Thanks for sharing Robin!


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