Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Weekend Breakfast

One of my favorite weekend rituals is going to Pannikin in La Jolla for breakfast. I often meet my MIL and FIL there and they bring their little dog, Choula. Sometimes it’s just me and James, or I even go alone some days. On Sundays, the farmers market is there and it’s a great one. Or on Saturdays, there’s a fabulous store one block down called Etcetera: chock full of vintage and antique furniture, home decor, et al. Here’s the window where you order at Pannikin. I can smell the coffee now…
Saw this funny sign outside one of the shops:
And these cute paw imprints in the sidewalk:
And a pretty window vignette:
Wish we could all meet there and have a big blog people ho-down. Ha! 
How surprising! This isn’t a post about the cats! Oh, just give me time. ;)


  1. Does the breakfast place have bagels? I'm really craving a good bagel.

    And a pumpkin ale.

  2. Looks like a great place!!! Clarice

  3. Oooh!
    What a fun place!
    I love little places like this, where you can smell the coffe half way down the block:)
    Love the little doggie prints in the sidewalk,So cute!


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