Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Going Back to School ;)

I think this could be the post graduate degree I’m looking for. I could get about 10 more cats and go to the head of the class! Oh, how I wish I knew how this photo was taken? What were these ladies up to? Very cute indeed.


  1. Oh, I totally need to go to that school.

    This photo had to be doctored? No way could they get that many cats together and behaving at the same time? :-)

  2. What a cute picture!
    I can totally see myself as one of those ladies!

  3. What a wonderful photo! "Crazy Cat Lady School" haha love it, so funny. Have a great day Robin!

  4. PhD time! Hee hee...you could TEACH those ladies about how to wrangle krazy kittenz!


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