Sunday, October 17, 2010

$410 Scratch Post

I have this idea/dream/thought that once my traditional work years are over (not exactly sure when I deem this time to be – age 65?) that I’ll open an antique store where I will find odd pieces of furniture, maybe on the side of the road even, re-do them, and make a profit. Kind of like these girls if I were even slightly this good – these girls are amazing. So, a couple months ago, hubs and I were driving to the grocery store and I saw an old wingback chair sitting in front of a house – obviously free to anyone who would haul it off. A burned out toaster was next to it. Fast forward, I have it home, I find fabric and an upholsterer, and it’s back all redone in this cool grey men’s suit-ish fabric and ready for … the cats to use it as a scratch post! Aggghhh! Okay, so there’s a sub-plot (isn’t there always?). I fully instructed the reupholster dude to take it down to the wood and replace all foam, padding, etc. before upholstering it. Well, he did, almost! He apparently used some of the old padding, which he claims was just fine. Hm? So after 4 straight days of sniffing the chair, the cats have pretty much claimed it with their claws! They love to scratch it: the front, the back, the arms, the sides – they love to scratch it! For some reason, (perhaps it’s their special scratching technique), it doesn’t leave scratch marks – it just sounds like they’re ripping it to shreds… It’s actually just sitting in the middle of the dining room until I can clear a spot for it. Oh joy. Excuse the blurry picture!


  1. I bought a second hand chair as well.
    The place I got it claimed it was from a no pet home.
    Well,My kitties use it as a scratching post too.(only in the middle of the night when Hubby and I are sleeping,because they know its naughty:)
    I feel bad for the chair and when I catch them they get a talking too.
    A vistor in my home once asked me why I let them destroy our home.
    I told him that one second hand chair wasnt the entire home.
    He replied that I should get rid of the cats, I told him I would rather not have a stitch of furniture then get rid of them.
    He then shook his head.
    We have not invited him back since......

  2. I will never be able to get new furniture ever again. With four cats and a dog, the hair and the scratching ruins everything within seconds.


  3. Our kitty too has damaged some furniture... I see it as "dents" in the house to match the scratch marks from dogs sliding across the hardwoods floors. Live with antiques and it's ALL good!! BTW, I saw Million Dollar Smile's twin in Long Beach Sunday:)


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