Saturday, October 02, 2010

This Must Be What It’s Like

…to have two children, and one is faster, more outgoing, and more cunning than the other. Our fur-child #1, Kate, was for all accounts, feral. We discovered her in a storm drain by a very busy street. She had the very slightest of purrs, jumped at noises outside, ran and hid from people, and was generally delicate. Feline-fur-child #2 is the opposite. A rattling purr, super-outgoing, faster than a speeding grey bullet, and devious to the tips of all 20 very sharp claws. I know these crazy kittens will work it out, but it’s sad to see her chase our darling Kate under the bed where she has to run to escape the tiny talons of terror. The lazy afternoons with Kate in her bed on my desk are replaced with insane chases through the house until either I throw Gwyneth in the hutch or Kate gets high enough or hidden enough to escape the little rascal. Ah, the kitten drama!

But for all those mothers out there that have to go through this with REAL children: ouch, it must not be easy.


  1. Aw, Poor Kate.
    We went through this when we introduced our kitten to our older cat.
    Yes, like you said, they got over it with time.
    They have a very sister-like relationship now.
    I am very much enjoying the adventures of Kate and Gwyneth:)
    Hope to hear more soon.

  2. yes, just like kids but aren't they so entertaining? they make you laugh and keep you light-hearted. hope they work it all out. i'm sure they will.

  3. I find that each time we add a cat to our family (up to 4 now) it takes time to adjust, but in a matter of time, we wonder how we ever lived without that one. The interaction between them is so fun to watch. And, I like that they're never lonely.

    Now, adding the doggy to the mix? Holy Moly. We're still all dealing with THAT. :-)


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