Everybody was Kung Fu Figh-ting. . .

...even me. Yes, many probably do not know that over my lifetime I have taken about four years of martial arts training - back when I was ~28, again at 32. So, how did this all get started again? Well, I'm reading this book called Anxious to Please: 7 Revolutionary Practices for the Chronically Nice. (This link goes to the book's authors' site.) I chose the book based on some recent self-reflection - not just for the obvious subject matter (chronic niceness!), but other things that the book lists in its table of contents. One of my favorite sections talks about writing down - even if it exists vaguely in your head - your personal ethic. I think the act of writing it down is what makes it different - seeing it all there in words. Might be an interesting blog challenge (can't think of that crazy word that sounds like neem, I think.) I enjoyed a milder version of an "ethic" here at this cool blog called Dacia Ray, which I found while lolling about at Craft Lolly, another fun blog. Anyway..........I find that when I don't consciously live my personal ethic, but rather ebb and flow based on other people's expectations and beliefs, that I feel like I'm bidding on bluegrass concert tickets and don't like bluegrass. Things get off kilter, disingenuous. While the problem isn't huge, I'm always looking to improve moi-self, so I'm taking steps. So, karate, what about the karate? In the book, it mentions the benefits of martial arts for nice folks. Not just because it equips you with ninja fighting techniques (hee hee), but because it increases your confidence (to live your personal ethic) and comes with the byproducts of better balance, fitness (I can barely breathe today after last night's class, I'm so sore), and overall feeling of self-sufficiency. Last night was my first class and I'm signing up for 6 months. We'll see after that. They "issued" me my white belt at the end of class, in front of everyone. Kinda funny because 12 years earlier I was issued one in that very dojo, which the sensei mentioned as he was tying it around my waist.


  1. Wow, very inspiring. Thanks for the plug you sweet girl, and I can totally see you are 'chronically nice.' I don't think that is a bad thing, be proud of your niceness, we need more of that in this world. I know I don't have that "problem" I need to stop being a bitch!!

    Good for you starting karate, you go girl, in a few days you will feel better and before you know it, the aches will be gone. Kick ass!!

  2. Robin,
    Your "chronically nice" is what initially made me want to be friends with you. And I was lucky to have been right! Nice people rock! Miss you,


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