Thursday, June 26, 2008

Remembering My Boy

Today is the one year mark since letting my dear, sweet Oreo go. In some ways it feels like a year, in others, just a few weeks. What an experience: his great, long life with me; the last days; this last year! I have grieved, bargained, denied, felt guilty, felt okay, felt his presence, changed my beliefs, and lived a whole range of other emotions. You learn just how desperate you can feel when you lose something you love so much. It was like losing my parents, but different in ways - it was the culmination of all the deaths into one big, crazy, multi-faceted heart break. The key thing that came of it all is my belief in something after this life. I believe it much more strongly now, because of my strong desire to hold the darling black and white bundle in my arms again - and also just that it does seem to make sense. I've read a lot about NDEs, talked to animal communicators, read cajillions of online reports, and most helpful, read the book called The Soul of Your Pet by Scott S. Smith. It was very comforting and hopeful. I know there is so much we don't know - even in this life that we live each day - and most certainly about the one that comes after we take the next step!

I love this picture of him all comfy and relaxed in the middle of the soft bed. Rest easy my dear one. I'll see you one day again.


  1. A fitting tribute to Oreo - full of love and hope. He would have liked that:)

  2. Sweet boy, sweet girl, full heart, eyes full of tears.

  3. Pookiesan, I look forward to seeing you in the next life, standing on my chest and then laying atop me, waiting for me to stay awake and give you love! RRR, you had me tearing up reading your remembrance.

  4. Robin this is such a cute shot, he looks so tiny on that big bed!!


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