Thursday, June 05, 2008

Totally Tabular Tuesday (TTT) ... on Thursday!?

Hey, that camera strap looks fun to play with! ~swat, swat~

Even as the work siren sounds in the background (oh, I can hear it!), as I have a white paper due tomorrow (!), I must do a blog post. Because TTT must continue! Funny Kate story: So this morning she's all mournfully meowrrrrring outside the bedroom door. James got up a tad earlier and let me sleep, which meant closing the door so Miz K. couldn't come in an attack my feet! So, I lay there trying to sleep, letting her whine outside the door. Then, misguidedly, I think, "Oh, poor little thing, she really wants to come in and see me." So I get up, let her in, and jump back under the covers, and she jumps onto the bed. Not two seconds later, as I'm attempting to get more shut-eye, she ATTACKS my feet like a Florida panther, claws and teeth baring through the thin summer blanket! I yell, "Owwwwwwwwwww, Is that what you came in here to do????" James was laughing out in the living room. Guess it's time to get up!


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