Totally Tabular Tuesday (TTT) ... on Thursday!?

Hey, that camera strap looks fun to play with! ~swat, swat~

Even as the work siren sounds in the background (oh, I can hear it!), as I have a white paper due tomorrow (!), I must do a blog post. Because TTT must continue! Funny Kate story: So this morning she's all mournfully meowrrrrring outside the bedroom door. James got up a tad earlier and let me sleep, which meant closing the door so Miz K. couldn't come in an attack my feet! So, I lay there trying to sleep, letting her whine outside the door. Then, misguidedly, I think, "Oh, poor little thing, she really wants to come in and see me." So I get up, let her in, and jump back under the covers, and she jumps onto the bed. Not two seconds later, as I'm attempting to get more shut-eye, she ATTACKS my feet like a Florida panther, claws and teeth baring through the thin summer blanket! I yell, "Owwwwwwwwwww, Is that what you came in here to do????" James was laughing out in the living room. Guess it's time to get up!


  1. Katez gotz WHISKERZ!!!!!

  2. Cute kitty pic and I love your new banner!


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