Dawn Ward: A Simply Wonderful Gal

My dear friend, though for just a short while, Dawn Ward, passed away on 5-30-08 after battling Stage IV metastatic breast cancer. I met Dawn online when I was grieving about Oreo and still researching his illness looking for what, I don't know, just answers. And there was Dawn, straight out of the universe to share herself with me. We shared many long IM sessions and even longer emails - me pouring my heart out to her, and her coming back with exactly the right words to help me process my sadness. She was such a light in this world and she will be dearly missed by me, and the many, many people she touched with her wit, humor, intelligence, and caring. This is her beloved Casper kitty who she cured of squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue. What a smart, great person.


  1. Robin, my heart is very sad for you and for Dawn, it makes me mad that these things happen. I don't know why good people and pets are taken from us to soon, life is not fair and sometimes it doesn't make sense.

    I am so sorry and send you lots of hugs and good wishes.


  2. Robina, my heart also aches. And it hugs yours.


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