Monday, June 02, 2008

Nicolefest '08

Jane asked me the other day if I'd blogged about Nicolefest'08 and I had to say no. This must be remedied! So, we made the trek: 9 of us took to the Big Easy for 4 fun-filled days and nights to celebrate Nicole's 40th birthday. It was Nicole, Jane, Paul, Mackie, me, Heather, Robin (another Robin!), Connie, and Connie's friend (I may need a little Aricept to remember her name. But, I can tell you we proceeded to spill our drinks on her at nearly every opportunity, poor girl, and she was such a good sport! The last night she did finally retaliate and spilled her drink on, I think, Connie. Finally!).

We stayed at the International Hotel on Camp Streeet - very hip. We got a good rate, but Nicole the negotiator was on that case. So, a few pictures, definitely focused on the rampant noshing that took place. Just know it was peppered with miles of walking, but still, lots of EATING.

Juan's Flying Burrito serves a dish I'd never seen: crawfish enchiladas. Of course, where else would you find these? They were really good. Wait. Were the margaritas better? Hm. Tough question. We settled in for pitchers of margaritas and food at Juan's after a hard day of vintage shopping along Magazine Street.

One morning we hunkered down to breakfast at Mother's -- the planetary epicenter of ham. Nicole had lots of interesting local spots on the agenda, and Mother's is legendary. It's almost funny that they have an online presence. They're soooooooo old school. The line goes all the way around the outside of the building, then in the door, then by the counter where you order. I love this picture of the back of Nicole's head - it shows her super-cute haircut. She's, of course, on the phone. Oh Mackie! Where are you?

This pic is from the first night - we ate at Deanies in the French Quarter. They start you off with boiled new potatoes. Quite yummy. Not to mention the bucket-sized Bloody Mary's. They were deliciously spicy and good. The second one was too. :P

More pictures to come!

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  1. Glad you had fun and I love the Juans flying burrito sign, it is adorable.
    Kisses to Oreo in heaven!!


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