Weddings, Weddings

Alana and Danny are getting married in August and this weekend Judy C. hosted the wedding shower at her home in Carlsbad. It was really nice - lots of good conversation and ooh'ing and ahh'ing over the sweet shower gifts. The table was covered with goodies to eat. We also partook of some yummy peach-flavored sparkling wine. The cake was so good - from Flour Power. One bell was chocolate and the other a zesty lemon. Dee-licious! I had to sample each bell, of course. Izabel is clearly happy about the cake.

Judy and Jack are the family that have the turtles (and, I should add, two lovely daughters!!) - yes, these are the turtles that were evacuated during the fires to J.'s parents' house. This is a picture of their very nifty outdoor abode, complete with shady getaway at the very back. Happy turtle haven...where the livin' is slow and easy, and posh!, for sure. :-)


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