A Bird in the Hand, and One in the House!

We came home the other day after being out for a few hours to find Kate lounging by the sliding glass door, in the sun, looking innocent, NEXT TO A BABY SPARROW! I was slightly panicked thinking she may have injured it beyond repair, because the little sparrow looked so pekid at first. But apparently birdy was just tired. James figured out, the sparrow came down the chimney (thankfully it was alive because for all you superstitious folks: a bird coming down the chimney dead is not the best omen. So! Maybe this was the good-luck bird!?)

We did find a stray feather back in the office (other side of the house) so there was undoubtedly some sort of flapping and shenanigans going on. Meanwhile, Saylor was...sleeping! :-)

James carefully picked birdy up and we put her/him outside on the bench, then in the corner of the courtyard out of sight because we were leaving again. I covered the little corner with a towel so little sparrow could chill for a bit and get its bearings. When we returned, birdy was gone and hopefully just fine!

Saylor says, who needs a live bird? I have my stuffed one! And it squeaks when I bite it! (Let's hope none of that was going on with the sparrow and Kate!)

Miss Kate was SO MAD at us for the rest of the day. This is mad face. I think she had other ideas for her and birdy!


  1. He he, Kate does look MAD, just darn right pissed off. That was very sweet of you to take care of baby sparrow, I sure hope she made it off safely.


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