Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To Florida and Back

I'm baaaa-aaaaack. I was in Florida attending a couple of wedding showers for my niece, Erin! Another wedding is on the horizon! Pictures on this event to follow, once my camera is mailed back! This makes the second time I've left it there. We may have a trend going. Oops.

So, I got back last Wednesday. Sometimes going away throws me for a loop in terms of blogging. Takes me a minute to get back into the routine. But when I do, I feel like I need to chronicle events in the order they happened. So... on Aug. 2nd Alana and Danny got married.

It was a really pretty wedding - the colors, I thought, were very nostalgic, almost Victorian. Alana was a beautiful bride and Danny was dashing in his black tux. The wedding was held at the Rancho Santa Fe Country Club. A really nice space, indoors and out. There were about 200 people, but it didn't feel crowded because there was plenty of room to spread out. The weather was really nice, after the initial warm spell during the ceremony. The happy couple left the next day for Cozumel. Sweet. :-)

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