Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bugs Beware

Kate. Killer of many-legged things. I can barely admit this in writing, and have since scoured every inch of the counter tops, however...last night a roach made its way in under the kitchen door. They are so vile, and being from Florida, I am no stranger to roaches. Let me just say that NOTHING creepy crawly has a chance once it darkens our door. Kate can hear a spider tap its finger from 50 paces and is ON IT like Zena - Tabby warrior princess. She may look sweet and timid, but she is re-lent-less when it comes to bugs -- okay, and flies. :-) By now my housekeeping skills are in serious question.


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  2. Ouch! Kernan the Grammarian's pet peeve abuse-O-meter in the red! Twice! But I do concur - having a creepy crawly hunter is an awesome thing.

  3. Thank goodness for Kate! She is protecting you from unimaginable horrors - what if that vile thing crawled on you while you were peacefully slumbering? Sam, too, has taken lately to creepy crawlies as well. A junebug had flown in uninvited as we were sitting down to dinner which led me to have my usual hissy fit whenever an insect attempts to trespass and of course, Maxwell did nothing. The creepy beetle lands on the floor and before I could grab my shoe to give it a proper squishing, Sam, the wonder dog, darted over and gobbled it right up! Now we know who the real hero is; poor Maximo has been backseated by the fluffy red beast!

  4. Oh... I forgot! I know you and youre a great housekeeper so it most likely isn't your housekeeping... since moving to Japan, I have discovered that roaches actually enter your home by climbing up through your drainpipes. We keep sinks and tubs plugged up when they are not in use - especially when we leave town!

  5. Kate, you rock. Gee whiz Robin she is so beautiful and her eyes are incredible. Tabbies are my absolute favorite, they are such gorgeous cats.

    Hey I wouldn't worry about the roaches with the Missy on duty I am sure they sent out the word that Kate is on high alert.

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