Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tuesday's Tabby Cooking School

So, really Mom, I can read upside down. First, put the olive oil on the sprouted wheat tortillas. Doesn't Real Simple have the best recipes?

These individual pizzas turned out smashingly, and they took no time at all. The recipe is in the Aug. '08 issue of Real Simple - the section is full of easy 20-minute meals. Some people may see this and think, oh gross! a cat near food! I just say, oh well, and . . . you're really going to hate the last picture where Miss Kate is sitting on the table staring at me while I ate! We're very cat-friendly to say the least. It makes Saylor so jealous because Kate can get an obvious 'begging advantage' by actually being ON the table. Ha! Of course, she never wants to eat anything (um, I've tried to give her food and she refuses it). Oh, the whacky dinner time tales at the Hardy residence.

The little pizzas have raw artichokes, red pepper, and tomatoes on them and are then topped with grated cheddar and browned under the broiler. You start by broiling just the tortillas (it called for pita bread, but I used tortillas) with a tablespoon of olive oil on them until they crisp up slightly. Then you add the toppings and put them under the broiler for 5 minutes. The broiling is just enough to make the veggies tender. The artichokes were canned and already soft.

The green bean salad has lemon juice and olive oil, and salt and pepper. The avocado is just plain.

Then, there's this face watching my every bite!


  1. Kate suggests adding a soupcon of sparrow to the dish--just for some extra fiber.

  2. Oh Robin, that is one brilliant cat, she sure is. Kate is the first cat I have ever known who can read and even upside down, amazing!! he he Your little pizzas look fantastic and so easy. I will try these for sure as they look really quick. I absolutely hate to cook, but these will be a staple in our house. Thanks for the great tutorial.


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