A Walk at Liberty Station

I am a total Liberty Station fan. The old Naval Training Center was sold to the Corky McMillan Company (I hear for $1 if he spent the money to develop it) by the City of San Diego, and what has sprung up, I think, is a perfect little community. Great homes, beautiful trees and green spaces, stores, shops, restaurants - even the most fantastic Ace Hardware store. I could almost live there, if we were condo-dwellers which I'm not sure I could do but I don't rule out - they're that nice.

We take Saylor down to the path along the water. And of course, there's plenty of grass napping.

She meets various dog friends...

...and on this day we saw some guys jump off the bridge. I of course had the camera at the ready.

Behind the guys, a couple of dogs and their owner sailed slowly by on their catamaran. Such a nice day.

Here they are preparing to jump!


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