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As many of you darlins know, my "day job " is being a marketing consultant. Well, what that really means is I'm a contract writer for a short list of technology companies. And, now in tumultuous 2009, what that actually means is I am scouting around looking for work! I don't know if it's economy-related, but the work gravy train is quite slow. I'm doing all sorts of things to get my name out there. I Twitter, here. I think it's called "tweeting" when you post. My Twitter name is robin_writes. Catchy, no? I keep a blog, which I use as a sounding board on marketing-related topics, and I have my work web site. I recently added a page of recent work on my work site. And...I'm on facebook, here.

As I've been making my rounds, prospecting, I thought I would add the blogosphere to my collective shout out. Perhaps folks who read my blog also work at companies that may need a writer! Got a project on your desk that you want to off-load? I write white papers, case studies, press releases, web content, product briefs, and really any type of document that needs to be written for corporate communications. In the technology space, I've written for CA, Inc., Interwoven, Handshake Software, and we shall see who is next! I have a little bio here, that tells you a bit about my work past. I can also help you with web design/development and print design.

Thanks for reading my little ad!


  1. Robin, this is one impressive body of work. Great idea to advertise on your blog, hope lots of work comes your way.

  2. I'm sorry things are slow...I hope they pick up for you. Looks like you are covering the bases in the most impressive way. Thanks for your nice comment...and your kitty is cute!


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