Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cart Love Satisfied

Ok, so today I took my friend Nicole to lunch for her birthday, and we were walking by Restoration Hardware, and I had to get her to take a picture of me lovin' up on this cart which I just posted about earlier today. It's just as scrumptious in person.

As always, Nicole and I had a great lunch full of good conversation, and most of it peppered with "in this economy." Is everyone using those three words as much as I am? Anyway, Nicole told this great story about a mousetrap. Apparently, a younger person (I think someone's son) found a mousetrap, complete with expired mouse, and tossed the entire combo into the trash. The father asked, "what did you do with the mousetrap?" to which the son replied, "I threw it out!" to which the father replied, "why did you do that? We've had that mousetrap for 25 years!" I guess in this economy, we are all tightening our belts. But as I think back, this is how my parents lived. If they didn't have it, they didn't get it. Credit was only for emergencies, not for regular spending. I loved Nicole's story, and I'm kind of enjoying getting back to basics when it comes to spending. Does that mean this $910 coffee table is out of the question. Probably so, and that's fine. I at least got to grope it a little today... for free!


  1. Girlie, you SO crazy...I wish I'd been there during the photography session; you know if it had been me I wouldn't have had the ... to do it!

  2. That is a cool cart. You really want it, don't you!!


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