Monday, March 23, 2009

A Little Green World

I was at Hey Lucy the other day, and got so inspired by her terrarium post that I decided to make one myself. I got an apothecary jar at TJMaxx, then went to the nursery close by and looked for a small amount of baby tears and moss. I didn't want an entire flat of the stuff, but that was all I could find. Standing by the flats of baby tears, I looked under the shelf they were on, and well, can you say carpet of baby tears and moss? It was growing wild all over the ground under all the shelves. I decided to be bold and ask the guy if I could have a little chunk. He obliged, and even got me a box to put it in. We did buy a $40 fig tree that day, though come to think of it, he didn't know that at the time. Maybe it was his Saturday random act of kindness, to go with my random act of begging. So, home I went with the perfect little patch o' green, and here are the results! A home fit for a tiny leprechan, gnome, or fairy. It's really neat the way the condensation forms on the inside of the glass - it's all self contained, needs no water. And it's gotten so incredibly perky in there. It was not this perky to begin with.

Perhaps Miss Fairy here will stop by sometime? I love this artist.

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  1. So pretty...the glass jar is perfect. I've tagged you for a little meme/Q&A thing...check out today's post for the "rules." If you don't want to play, no biggie!


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