Sunday, March 22, 2009

Clean Old & New Fabric = Love

So, the results of several estate sales and a purchase from Anna Maria Horner produced a big bunch o' fabric that needed washing. Since I haven't bought new fabric in ages, I was a little unsure how it would wash up or if it would bleed. Well it behaved, and I even threw in the vintage and new together. I use Mrs. Meyer's Lavender laundry detergent. Oh, it smells so good! So, here's my heap, fresh from the dryer, followed by everything folded up.

This is the Anna Maria Horner fabric:

And this is my stack o' vintage finds. I love the green and black plaid (hard to see the green in my dark photo!). I think it is going to have to turn itself into a skirt somehow.

This post makes me think of something my mother-in-law says about a certain sort of richness. She says: Don't you feel rich when you have a big stack of [insert your favorite textile]? When she told me this we were talking about a stash of embroidery floss I'd just found at a sale. Well, I'm definitely feeling it with my hoard of fabric... And I won't even go into what's lurking in the garage!

And now, hubs and I are going to watch part two of David Copperfield on Masterpiece Theatre. Can there be any better end to a relaxing Sunday? Night everyone...sweet dreams.

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