A Terrarium Resident!

Okay, so for those who read that I put together a terrarium, you will find this interesting. I should have figured that scooping up wild growing baby tears under a table in a nursery, in a damp, watery area would be a perfect place for little swampy things to live. And indeed, it's true. I present to you, Snodgrass the Snail, a.k.a. helix aspersa. His address is now 1 Terrarium Trail, San Diego, California. I noticed him a few days ago and starting thinking about whether he should be relocated to a bigger area, outside. So, today, I very carefully slid him up the side of the glass (because he wasn't letting go!) and held him in my hand considering which destination in the yard might be best, darkest, moist enough. I walked outside, showed him to hubs, and we decided he's probably fine right where he is and that a once a week un-lidding might be good to change the air in there which I must say smells very woodsy and wet.

But this was my thought process: We have a humongous lavender bush that is literally 5 feet in circumference and about 4 feet high. I was thinking underneath the lavender might be good. Then I started wondering if he would get eaten and didn't really like that thought. Then I decided he was just fine in the terrarium and I'll find out what Snodgrass might want to eat, besides the baby tears. I mean, how much can he eat? He's about 6cm long for cryin' out loud! See what happens when you don't have children?

Check out the cute little shell:

And, this is after I put him back in. He immediately high-shelled it back toward the safety of the green space wondering what the heck just happened.

On another funny note, I just saw the bedspread move slightly as I walked in to our bedroom and you can baaaaaaaaarely notice the little lump just by the pillows in the bed. It's Kate. All 8 lbs., under the comforter for a nice, dark nap. Such a funny little girl.


  1. That's funny! I, too, think snails are kinda cute. I've always thought I was weird :)

  2. What an adorable post Missy, Snodgrass, how cute is that? He is adorable, and what a cool thing that he just appeared out of nowhere, nature is truly amazing.

    OMG look at Kate, toooo cute. Now if Lolly was allowed in our bed, it would be ditto all the way. Peter won't even let her in our room:( because she sheds too much, sigh!!

    P.S. That's some lavender bush, are you going to dry it?


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