Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cuppazoop and End Tables

Lately, I’m all about the reviews over here at V&S. I guess I want to post, but I have so little time that getting the camera all hooked up to the laptop is juuuuust too long of an investment. So here I am with something else I like. This soup. It’s cheap, good, and made with good ingredients. It’s vegan for cryin’ out loud! If you haven’t heard of or tried Dr. McDougall’s soups, just know that they’re all pretty tasty. Much lower sodium, too, than most cups o’ zoop. So, next time you want to stock up on something that’s cheap and good, perhaps for lunches or a light dinner, try these. What, do I work for these people?


I guess I do have something I can share that I actually photographed, too. Went to an estate sale a few weeks ago and found these cool Campaign-style bedside tables. (This is the pic I sent to hubs from the actual sale…) The style got its name from its use by the military; the pieces would be broken down and taken from campaign (war) to campaign with the soldiers. These are not old, maybe late 60s if that. But they’re pretty snazzy nonetheless. IMG_0181

Rolling on the floor laughing Bye y’all!

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