Sunday, May 01, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Had a great morning with the in-laws; went to breakfast at my favorite spot in La Jolla – Pannikin. They  make steamed eggs with basil, feta and tomato and they’re so yummy. I think I’ve posted about this same topic like 10,000 times. Shows my true devotion to the eggs. Ha! Then, to the farmer’s market for flowers. Also stopped by Mary’s – she gave me a bunch of garden roses. So gorgeous and fragrant. They almost smell like grapefruit.
I also got some ranunculus and chamomile…at the farmer’s market…
The dude at the farmer’s market said we could take 10 to 20 chamomile buds, put them in a tea cup, pour boiling water over and voila! chamomile tea! We may try this tonight.
I also made some strawberry lemonade today after a stint out in the yard planting a new lantana and some other various and sundry (no pun intended) growing things…
I hope you all had an equally lazy day, full of thinking about nothing but what you were doing and letting any cares fall by the wayside.
Red heart, Robin

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  1. Lovely flowers...I have a pink rose that smells a wee bit like grapefruit, too!


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