Friday, May 20, 2011

They Could Have Had It All, And Still May

Not sure how many, if any of you, follow Gossip Girl. The season finale just aired, and Blair is off to Monaco with her prince. She and Chuck had a bittersweet, if not mature, parting. Oh, thankfully, the door has been left open. There’s just something about Chuck and Blair that I love. Their upper east side roots, their scheming, the wit, the fashion. But I like the “happy” Blair, too, that comes out when she’s with Louis (the prince of Monaco; but who else?). Although, anyone who saw this season finale would have to agree how sweet this chair scene was, played to Adele’s hit song. They were both smiling and laughing like we haven’t seen in many, many episodes! Sadly, I hear next season may be the last. Until then, we’ll wait with baited breath to see: what happens in Monaco, who’s pregnancy test that was in the gold waste basket, and where that whole “Dan” sub-plot is going! Exciting stuff! Gossip Girl, take me away…

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  1. Ahh!! The season finale was KILLER! I can not wait at all for the next season. Although Serena did annoy me a bit with her whole "oh yeah, no boys this summer" and next thing you know she's got a man producing a Fitzgerald play on her arm! Plus she looked super tanned and in a beautiful country. So jealous of their lives but so exciting as well to watch :D


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