The 4th

It was a crisp, sunny day on the fourth and the festivities were in full swing at Mom and Dad's. We arrived at 2:30 to find the front door adorned with this very cute, very patriotic basket.

There was so much food. Two kinds of chili - green and red - mac and cheese (yum!), bratwursts, BBQ ribs (meat, anyone?), salad, potato salad, and cherry pie and cupcakes. I had to be wheelbarrowed out to the car afterwards.

I love this picture of Izzie giving the peace sign. She looked so cute that day - all comfy and stylish in her jeans.

The croquet game hadn't yet started - but everything was set up and ready to go.

How about this centerpiece? Complete with Miss Liberty Bell on the left.

And, of course, no day would be complete without darling Saylor. She was there with us, donning her vintage bandanna (it was my Dad's!). She was making sure not to get too far from the grill for fear she'd miss a morsel. Later someone did accidentally give her a rib. Yikes! But thankfully it didn't do what pork bones usually do to a dog. We were relieved, and she is fine. The girl is a world-class beggar (typical Labrador) so I'm sure she tirelessly wore her target down until they had no choice but to give up the rib. Oh Saylor! We love you so.


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