Totally Tabular Tuesday

By george, I'm posting TTT on the day! Here we have Miss Priss on the new Martha Stewart coverlet during its short stay at my house. It went back to the store -- I decided instead on a Thomas O'Brien quilt from Target that was comfier and in the same serene blue as the walls of our bedroom. I loved the vintage feel/design of the Martha one, but the TB one is so much softer and cozier (picture to follow soon). Ahhhhhhh. The pillow cover is from IKEA!

I'm too sexy for this coverlet.

Bet you can't tuck your arms into invisibleness like I can!?


  1. I'd like a slice of that Kateloaf, please, with garlic smashed potatoes on the side. I want to kiss that little kitten head!

  2. Hi, that was me above--I'm most definitely not anonymous, just clicked the wrong thang.

  3. Schweet kitty! My two boys are reveling in the new mattress delivered yesterday. They didn't sniff it as I'd expected, but they've been lounging on it since its arrival.

  4. Aw, sweet kitty look right at home :)

  5. Finally, I get a glimpse of the new bedroom decor - well a partial glimpse at least! Looks like one of those cool spa hotels - but of course they wouldn't have Miss Kate meditating on their beds...


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