Farmer's Market Salad

As earlier reported by Miss Sherri of Foziewisp fame, we indeed went to the Hillcrest Farmer's Market on Sunday. James was in Mexico windsurfing for the day, and we had vowed the night before to eat leftovers from Saturday night's dinner at Lorna's Italian Kitchen. (We have this running joke that he's all about leftovers, only we never seem to eat them and you know what happens to them in the fridge after a few days!) To make this meal happen, a salad was needed to go with the lasagna and 'sketti. I used organic herbs and greens and added shallots, figs, raspberries, and avocado. Topped it all with this interesting cashew-apple dressing from Whole Foods. So tasty! I also picked up some seed-covered bread sticks from Charlie's Best Bread, a regular at the farmer's market.

So, tonight I'm going to another farmer's market - the one in Ocean Beach. There's another bakery that I love - Sadie Rose Baking Co. - and they sell their bread there. I know of their bread from eating at Roots Kind Food - a super-good vegetarian place that serves beautiful food, all flower-covered and fresh.

Then, on the 4th, our Be Wise Ranch CSA membership kicks in and we will be knee-deep in kale and swiss chard and other green goodnesses that I will be challenged to cook! We shall see!


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