Mid-Week Tabularness: Sun Lover

Hanging out by the back sliding glass door in the sun is super fun for Miss Kate. Lots of lolly-gaggin' and yawin' and rollin' around. I'm coming back as a cat - well, one that lives with someone like me. She's such a busy little girl - keeps herself occupied all day. When she's not napping, she's finding a new hiding place, having a snack, batting around her many mice (I think she has about 15 of those little furry mice thingies), or just laying in the sun. She's very independent and well-adjusted. I think she knows she lucked out that day on Grape Street when she went for the sardines on the plate way at the back of the make-shift trap/laundry basket with painting canvas and duct tape (where Sherri and I stood waiting!). Boom! Caught they were and in the car on the way home (we caught the remaining two that day - Kate and her Siamese brother). I remember thinking, now what? :-) Well, here we are.


  1. You are not kidding, what a life between Kate and Lolly, they have it made. Lucky girls!!


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