Birthday Festivities Are Underway

The birthday is in progress. On Friday night we went for sushi, just the two of us, to Sushi Ota. They have the best sushi in San Diego, I think. We did a little shopping Friday to work up an appetite.

Then, Saturday night Fred and Fi joined us for dinner at the Palm. Perhaps it could be renamed Carnivore's Heaven. They had a steak on the menu that cost $87. I was kind of amazed. I'm not sure I've ever seen that high of an amount for a food item. Did the cow go to Harvard? Yikes. As is probably quite clear, we're eating our way through our staycation / birthday week.

After dinner, we walked to La Gran Tapa, which was recently re-opened by the same person who owns The Turquoise (Cafe Europa) where Fred, J's brother, plays with his jazz band on Friday nights. This pic is at the corner by Buca di Beppo. We kept considering one of the petit cabs (sp?) but ended up walking. And walk we did - until I grew a pre-blister on each foot. Ouch! You know, the ones that are red and raised, but not fully a blister...

So tomorrow is the official birthday day. Tomorrow night we're having dinner at J's parents. We requested no meat. Ha! And Weds. night we are having dinner with Jeff and Steve. On Thursday I'll be checking into a fat farm.

Oh, and I mustn't omit mentioning our brush with culture - on Sunday we spent a couple hours at the San Diego museum of art. It was really fun and relaxing. I joined a couple months ago, but we had not gone. It felt good to be able to just show our ID card and get in seemingly free.


  1. All I can say is that cow bloody well have better gone to Harvard, and been fed champagne every day for $87.


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