Thursday, July 17, 2008

Around the Yard

I moved a couple rose bushes closer to the front door where I can spend more time trying to revive them. They were languishing in a couple of terracotta pots (outdoor tandoori ovens that can sometimes cook your plants), poor dears. We'll see how they do with some regular conversation, water, and general doting. The leaves are not in good shape, and this bloom is past its prime. But, such a pretty color.

I love the way Lantana forms these little bouquets. I've seen them grow as tall as small trees. I'm hoping these continue doing well. I just love them.

And here we have a row of empty pots (ovens? ha!) ready for something hearty and heat-resistant!

This little dude was sitting on one of the three rose bushes that are in the ground along the fence. He's pretty cute in his orangey-golden splendor.

And, last but certainly not least, the vintage camp cot I picked up at an estate sale for 25 cents (!). It's made of hickory or some hard wood, I was told. The fabric definitely needs to be replaced, but can't you see it with a new cover? Maybe a heavy duck fabric in red? Perhaps a big monogram sewn into the center? Even if it isn't used for sitting, I could see it holding linens or books or something along a wall in a house. Who knows what purpose it will find. I couldn't resist though. Sitting there in the backyard of this house, I was transported to explorations along the Nile, wearing vintage Banana Republic safari wear, and sipping a smoky sherry. Ah, imagination.

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  1. I love your pots Robin, they are so rustic and pretty.
    What a find, your 25 cent cot, that is amazing. I think that's a great idea about the red fabric with the monogram, just add some throw pillows and your done. I can't believe that someone would let that go for a quarter, make sure you do something cool and post the pics.


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