Big Bear Weekend

Last weekend, we went with our friends Steve and Jeff to Big Bear to J.'s parents' mountain house. Drove up Friday night and came back Sunday afternoon. It was a frosty 22 degrees at night, and around 40 during the day. No snow, but lots of chilly air. The sun was out and we had two beautiful days. Since there's not a ton to do, you have no choice but to relax - and that we did. My favorite times were the morning - drinking coffee with the fire going, and putting peanuts out on the railing to attract the blue jays, woodpeckers, and squirrels.

I took this during our hike. This is a view from the top - out over the lake.

A curvy tree. I wonder what made it that way. Hm? It was very unique. One of the many wonders of nature.

Here's our girl Saylor, having a little ice, as a drink. There were a few areas where we saw some snow/ice on the ground. Steve fed her several pieces - hydration! Of course, WE forgot to bring water, but we were only gone just shy of 2 hours.


  1. Great pics Robin, what a beautiful place. I am sure it is an adjustment to all of a sudden do nothing, but isn't that nice? I am sure Saylor had lots of fun chasing the squirrels!!

  2. That seems like a lovely time. I love birdwatching as well! I would so love to have nothing to do right now!:)


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