Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ginger & Her Philly-Friend's Skunk Tale

Okay folks, I am very excited to say that Ginger of Deep Fried Kudzu fame sent in a very funny skunk story about her Philly buddy. Side note: when I first started reading blogs, I came upon Ginger's and was simply awe-struck at how productive any one individual could be. This woman makes like 50 pies at Thanksgiving. That's Ginger. She's amazing. Anyway...back to the story: it almost sounds hard to believe! But, city folk can lead sheltered lives, can't they?! Now, for Ginger's story:

"I saw you were looking for skunk stories. Well, when I was in college I had a friend from Philadelphia. Like...he was *really* from Philly. A real city boy. He came to Alabama to visit me and we were driving somewhere and smelled a skunk. Well he had NEVER smelled a skunk in his whole life (I guess they are not city dwellers?) so he looked at me just like "what is WRONG with you!?"! He did not know *what* was going on - he'd never "experienced" skunk-funk!"

And, by the way, dear readers, the Skunk Challenge is still on! If you have a story, send it and I'll post it! You can just put your story in a comment and I'll get it that way.

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