Monday, December 15, 2008

Skunk Stories Anyone?

My dear friend, Mike, read the Saylor Skunk Story that I posted recently and had one of his own to share. Just had to post it, it's really funny. And maybe this can be sort of a skunky blog challenge - do you have a skunk story? If so, send it to me! I'll post it!

Email from Mike:
Subject: Skunk Story

Your story reminded me of our skunk story, which is not quite as dramatic, but still funny. We were leaving Texas for good, and driving the two cars back to Florida. I was in Dallas, Terri was in Austin, and we met in a po-dunk town near Houston in the evening. We were supposed to find a hotel for the night (fulfilling your rule), and I told her to meet me at one in this town. But when I met Terri at the hotel, I told her that I didn't want to stay there.
"Why not?" she said.
"It smells like a skunk."
"That's not the hotel, that's the van; I hit a skunk on the way down here."

As luck would have it, we drove through a massive rain storm the next day, and it seemed to wash off most of the funk.

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