Thursday, December 18, 2008

Daily Kindness

I made a little pact with myself that every day until Christmas, I would try to do something good for some person or some animal. Today I donated to a woman who runs Apifera Farm and is adopting a senior goat named Guinness (pronounced Guinn-ius, like Phinneus). Of course, it wasn't totally selfless, as she promises to send a bunch of lavender from her farm to anyone who donates over a certain amount. She is also getting ready to adopt a senior dog and sells artwork that supports senior dogs in shelters. She sounds like a really special person and I feel good just being a part of this wonderful goat story. And, thank you to Guinness, also, for making my heart feel so full. What a darling goat!


  1. Hello, I'm nominating your blog for the Butterfly Award :)

  2. Hi Robin-

    I'm so delighted you were moved to post this about me and my animal causes. Thank you so much, it means so much - it takes time and effort to take on even one new animal, and I love every minute- but it helps so much, especially in this economy. I couldn't find your direct email, so hope you don't mind me posting here. i just wanted to also alert you that I did not recieve any Paypal payment, and just want to make sure there wasn't a problem if you used Paypal. I feel used car-sales-man like, but I'd hate for you to think I was ignoring you! I normally send a thank you immediately when a Paypal donation comes through.

    And I love your cats!!

  3. Way to go Robin, that's a wonderful thing to do. There are so many animals and people in need and he is such a sweet boy who deserves a second chance!!

  4. That is a wonderful goat story and a great advent idea! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Robin!


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