Saylor Meets a Skunk

Gee, what is this collection of ingredients? Some interesting recipe for a home spa treatment? Um, no. The other night I was watching Worst Week (it is so funny!) when I noticed James kind of hurrying up to the front door. Through our rippled glass door I see Saylor and it looks like she's drooling! Um, what's up? Well, I crack the window to get a better look and in comes a WAVE of skunky air. OMG! Saylor got skunked! I ran to the store and got White Vinegar and Peroxide and concocted the anti-skunk wash. Then, we had to do a final rinse of white vinegar and water, which you leave on the poor dog. It all worked out, but good lord, what an ordeal. And there is one rule of dogs getting skunked that seems to hold true for everyone I've talked to. It ALWAYS happens right late at night, usually before bedtime!!!

Here's the girlie all lathered up. And of course, she was very good about the whole thing. She's such a good dog. Next up: Kate's Morning Sun Salutation.


  1. Oooh poor baby girl, what a little sweetheart!! She is so good Robin, just standing and waiting so patiently while you scrub. Did she throw up? I've heard that is common when doggies get skunked, I hope she's smelling sweet as a daisy now, for your sake!!

  2. Poor little Saylor girl! That's terrible for all of you! I never knew about the white vinegar ; I've always heard to use tomato sauce (it would have probably turned poor little Saylor pink!) I hope she is doing better!


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