Hel-looooo Out There, It's Me

Hello folks out there in blog land!!! I have missed you. A lot has been going on. But is there a scientific answer for the absense of my posts? The best I can come up with is this: I just plopped onto the floor right after the Kitchen Poetry challenge and didn't get up! But I really was here the whole time, or stuck in a parallel universe. This can happen if you're not paying attention. :-)

So, first thing: the Craft Show! It was really fun, and fortunately we were able to avoid spontaneous combustion; just barely though because it was soooo hot that morning. By 10:30 it was like 125 degrees on the asphalt bank parking lot. Here are some pics of my booth (in the forefront) and Ms. Foziewisp's (with 2 customers eyeing the wares). We each sold almost exactly the same dollar amount of stuff. As I sat there in the sweltering heat contemplating the prospect of re-packing the car, however, I had a blue light special and slashed prices. That helped sales! :-) Most of my items were vintage goodies I'd collected over the years. I had certainly already gotten my money's worth of having them, some as long as 15 years or more, and they were old when I bought them! I felt good about off-loading the stuff. And it really was kind of fun talking to all the shoppers.

This second pic is a close-up of some of Sherri's vintage items. It's fun to look over the table and remember the estate sale that we went to together to find these things! Great memories. Next up: Saylor Meets a Skunk.


  1. Well your table sure looks good and I am so impressed that you made it for that long in the heat. Good for you slashing to get rid of your items, because packing up is the worst. I love that little tray above the pink bowl, is it tin?


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