Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas, Christmas, jolly, jolly Christmas! Is over? What? It's hard to believe it's over! I think I may have to adopt the Chanukah (we usually see it spelled Hanukkah) approach of multiple days of celebrating. I know it has much more meaning than just people having fun for more days, but wouldn't it be cool if Christmas was a week long!? We shop, wrap, cook, visit and call family, write cards and celebrate but then, it's ONE day that is the day. Apparently, I had a really nice Christmas this year and I am simply wanting more Santa time. I guess I could leave our tree up 'til end of February or so. :o) Ha.

Saylor and Kate have been loving laying by the fire, all warm and cozy. It's been a nightly ritual since we've had cold weather and rain. We snuggle on the couch and they snuggle on the little pad by the fire. Cozy central.

A few days before Christmas, James' Mom gave Saylor some Christmas attire: an elf hat! Kate, however, was not so sure. I think I heard her say but why do you have two sets of ears now!? I think I'm going to have to puff myself up like a raccoon!

And puff, she did! Oh my!


  1. Merry Christmas, we are dragging the celebration out. We just celebrated St. Nicolas today and still plan to do St. Lucia. So I say keep celebrating. Clarice


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