C is for Cone Zone

Our dear dog, Saylor, just had some surgery and is sanctioned to her cone - lest she should again remove her staples. (First time was at the vet's while in her crate supposedly too drowsy from anesthesia.) When we picked her up, we were told she is not to be trusted and to keep a close watch! This past Saturday we thought, oh, we'll just let her out for a second. About 2 minutes later we walked out to find her skillfully removing staples. Eek! She now LIVES in the Cone Zone, and has been dubbed Mrs. Conzonio. Sorry girl, but you must heal! This picture finds her chillin' on the couch with Dad, watching a little telly.


  1. The picture of woe-is-me! Poor sweet girl, but naughty girl to remove her staples... Get well, Miss Saylor.


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